Why a private managed network can improve your business

What is PMN, or private managed network? Like a computer Computer Service and Repair, this concept is also very similar. It is different because the outsider performs management and upkeep, rather than IT staff on site. Experts have used this technology to expand their business since years, as it allows for global connectivity and data security while reducing costs.

Private Managed Networks – The importance of private managed networks

The PMN is a private Ethernet network that is operated by an external PMN provider. Managed networks are used in businesses to facilitate secure communication of data and provide easy access to employees, customers and partners. Additionally, the managed network offers an opportunity to extend infrastructure life by preventing WAN upgrades.

Private Managed Networks: What are the Benefits?

Secure WIFI is better than public WiFi

Private network managed by a third party is more reliable that public Wi-Fi, because it has a dedicated private bandwidth. These networks are often equipped with switches and/or routers which ensure data does not travel over open internet. In addition, the system offers 24/7 availability monitoring which means that there is a high probability of the network not going down due to overload.

Data encryption using secured connections

Encrypted data from an organization allows the user to safely communicate with clients and colleagues without fear of third-party hacking. Private IP Networks ensure the security of business communications by using a closed, secure network. This allows employees in various offices to safely communicate.

Around the clock Support:

Malware was responsible for more than 50 percent of the data breaches that occurred last year. Organisations must take action to safeguard this valuable information. Managed network service providers are able to protect networks with security features such as identifying unknown users and blocking them. These services can be accessed 24/7 in case of an emergency.


A managed service provider offers a flexible and scalable platform. The needs of companies grow as time goes on, and managed services can be very beneficial. The managed network provides scalable service and allows the network to easily switch from MPLS (for instance) to Ethernet (for instance). This makes upgrading your network a breeze!

Faster bandwidth speeds:

It is best to use a private IP network for faster speeds and better data security. PMN offers fast connections that are guaranteed to be available at all times.

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